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Did You Know

Darjeeling tea is renowned globally for its distinctive Muscatel flavour, which cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Darjeeling tea has been accorded with a geographical indication (GI) status. It was the first GI to be registered from India.

Assam is home to the single largest contiguous tea growing region in the world.

Assam is the only other region in the world apart from Southern China to grow its own native tea plant.

Assam tea typically generates rich, full bodied, deep-amber liquor in the cup with a brisk, strong and malty taste.

India is the second largest producer and largest consumer of tea in the world.

Masala chai from India has found favour way beyond the country’s borders. Marketers in America typically use the term chai tea to refer to tea that is milky and spicy!

Nilgiri tea, which hails from the Blue Mountains of South India, is known for its elegant, brisk and fragrant liquor that is golden yellow in colour. Nilgiri tea leaves a creamy taste in the mouth with subtle notes of dusk flowers.

Tea has numerous health benefits. It has natural antioxidants that slow the aging process and also build the defences of the human body against several diseases.

Tea is known to help boost body metabolism and reduce appetite, making it an effective anti- obesity beverage.

The Russian Federation was the largest import market for Indian tea in 2013-14. It imported 38.62 million kg of tea from India for a value of US$ 105.93 million during the year.


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