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Spice exports witness increased international demand

July 29, 2015: Indian spice exports increased by 8 per cent in value terms (rupee) and 9 per cent in volume terms during 2014-15. Total exports of spices and spice products reached Rs 14,899.68 crore during the year, reaching 893,920 tonnes in volume terms. This exceeded the target of 755,000 tonnes for Rs 12,304.9 crore for the financial year.

As it has been in the past, exports were led by chilli, with exports of the spice reaching 347,000 tonnes (yoy growth of 11.04 per cent) in terms of quantity and Rs 3,517.1 crore (yoy growth of 29.2 per cent) in terms of value in 2014-15. Mint and mint products also contributed in a big way in terms of export growth in value terms, with the country exporting 25,750 tonnes for a value of Rs 2,689.25 crore. Cumin, on the other hand, was the second largest contributor to volume with exports of 155,500 tons for Rs 1,838.2 crore. Other significant contributors were spice oils & oleoresins, pepper, turmeric, coriander, small cardamom, curry powder/paste and fenugreek

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