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Lavazza expects strong market growth in India

December 12, 2014: While the Italian brand Lavazza hasn't been able to rely on brand presence and its heritage in the coffee retail chain market against Café Coffee Day and Starbucks by selling off the Barista chain which marked the end of Lavazza's presence in the world of coffee shops, it expects a strong growth in the Indian coffee market in the coming years.

With the per capita consumption of coffee in India being around 90 gm, which is very low against a country like Finland at 11.8 kg, the sector is expected to hit a boom period in the next couple of years.

Lavazzaa believes that the company will be able to capitalise on the strong brand recall and create an impact during the rise of the coffee consumption in India. The company has already invested a sum of US$ 25 million into a coffee plans in the Sri City Industrial Park - its only facility out of Italy that is under operation.

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