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Darjeeling tea building strong domestic customer base

July 20, 2015: Darjeeling tea ranks high in the minds of connoisseurs across the world as the Champagne among teas. Within the domestic market, on the other hand, Darjeeling tea has mostly been popular in the eastern part of India.

Off late, however, this iconic beverage is building a new community of patrons in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. More and more people in these cities are viewing it as a lifestyle product, and are willing to pay up to Rs 1,200-1,300/kg for Darjeeling tea. Even people in cities like Ahmedabad and Bengaluru are showing a growing affinity for tea from Darjeeling. Retailers from these cities are withnessing significant rise in footfalls and sales for the same.

Darjeeling produces around 9-10 million kg of tea every year. The most iconic variety is its second flush tea harvested in June, which is known for its Muscatel flavor. Traditionally, demand for Darjeeling tea has been strong in markets like UK, Germany and Japan, but of late, exporters are also witnessing string traction in US, China and Korea.

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