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Coffee Board plans to monetise 'Coffees of India' logos

February 10, 2015: In a development that is expected to streamline and push Indian coffees in the global markets, exporters, traders, roasters and curers using the Coffees of India and other regional/speciality coffee trademarks from the Coffee Board will have to seek its permission and pay a fee for doing so.

It may be noted here that the Coffee Board has developed unique identities/logos and trademarks under the umbrella brand 'Coffees of India' and has filed for registration of 19 logos as the Certification of Trademarks.

The Registrar of Trademarks, Chennai, has issued the registration certificate for about nine logos including the Robusta Kaapi Royale, Pulneys, Annamalais, Chikmagalur, Coorg and Coffee Swami. The other ten applications including Mysore Nuggets and Monsooned Malabar are pending registration, though provisional numbers have been issued.

The board has fixed a fee of Rs 10,000 for use of each logo and Rs 2,500 for every additional logo. The logos are expected to increase the visibility of Indian coffees in the global markets and would also help in increasing awareness among consumers. Industry experts believe that the practice will help newcomers the most.

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