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Rejuvenation of tea and coffee estates, the POABS way

Mr Thomas Jacob, Director, Poabs Group

Poabs Estates of Kerala is committed to the plantation sector in India and has taken up rejuvenation of tea and coffee estates as a strategic endeavour. The growth of Poabs Estates, part of the Poa...

Dec 122014

Indian Robustas are one of the best in the world

Mr K Kurian, Vice Chairman, Karnataka Planters Association

India has primarily been a tea drinking nation. And if you look at the per capita consumption in the Indian market, tea clearly leads as compared to coffee. However, with the increasing urbanisation...

Nov 122014


The emergence of coffee as a commodity

Mr Govind Jayaram, Chairman, Karnataka Planters Association

The journey of coffee started in highlands of Ethiopia when the goat herds noticed that when goats chewed on the leaves of these coffee plants they would get hyperactive. It seemed that some of t...

Oct 292014

Ramesh Rajah.jpg

The taste parameters of Indian coffee are well suited for the espresso type of coffee

Ramesh Rajah, President, Coffee Exporters Association and CMD, Ramesh Exports

Mr. Ramesh Rajah, President, Coffee Exporters Association and CMD, Ramesh Exports shares his views on the Indian coffee and its perception in the international market. Edited excerpts: Can you thro...

Oct 012014


Indian coffee has been able to carve a unique space for itself in the global market

Sunalini N. Menon , Founder, Coffee Lab India Limited

The USPs of Indian coffee are today well known in the global industry. Ms Sunalini Menon, Founder, Coffee Lab India Limited shares her thoughts on the various strands of the Indian coffee industry in ...

Aug 262014

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